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Current Projects

Hi Everybody! In trying to do a better job at keeping our site updated we thought we'd share a quick overview of some of the projects we're working on. Andrew and I have been heads down and working hard for the last while since we parted ways with Social Game Universe on a number of projects: "Starfall Mobile", TIFF Nexus, Poppycock, Secret Project

Preview: "Starfall Mobile"
One of our top projects at the moment is finishing up the rebuild / new version of one of our previous flash games, Starfall, for the mobile market. To this end I've employed various forms of black magic and trickery (*cough* Flash Builder 4.5 and Air SDK 2.7) to get an AS3 version of the new game up and running on iOS and Android.

The project is going very well on the technical side and its current status is we're polishing up and working on the final balancing. Here's an updated video of some of the advanced game play.

TIFF Nexus: Button Masher / Light Bombs
One of the other projects we got involved with is the TIFF Nexus Peripherals Initiative. Em McGinley invited us to be part of this project and the quirk overview is it's a collaboration between game developers and hardware hackers to build non-traditional (ideally innovative) gaming peripherals.

For our project we've gotten involved with Vlad Cazan who is handling the hardware side of things while I handle the code/game design and occassionally Andrew offers some advice on the game mechanics. The device we're building is two sets of hex grids housing a 30 LED button array each. At the moment we're working on two different games that would utilize this peripheral.

Game 1: Button Masher

Game 2: Light Bombs

Back on the mobile gaming side of things we have another project (temporarily on hold until Starfall is done) that we've been working on which is an iOS/Android game based on our TO Jam from this year, Poppycock.

For this game we are currently planning a number of new features to greatly improve the original version plus finish off the features we never got to at TO Jam. At the moment we're planning to try a modified control scheme that would give the player much greater movement control than the original game but as a tradeoff the obstacles will be much more demanding in terms of the user having to respond to/avoid them. We're hoping to have the main work completed within the next month and then start the polishing.

Secret Project
All we're going to say about this project for now is that it's in the early design stage, it's going to be big, very stylized and Andrew and I have been planning/looking forward to building this for some time now.

DARC Productions
Ok, so this isn't actually a project but I did just want to give a quick shout out to DARC Productions. They've been working with us for a little while now and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. We have been extremely pleased with the quality of sound/music design that they have done for our games. If you need some professional sound assistance than I highly recommend you contact these guys.

On the corporate side of things we currently have one client that we are providing services for but we are definitely looking for additional clients. RECOMMEND US! We write code, design software, manage teams and deliver products!